About Us

Welcome to Tirupati Marketing

  • Tirupati Group finds its roots in Tirupati Marketing, founded in 1998 by our respected Managing Director (M.D.) Mr. J.P. Verma and Director Mrs. Jyoti Verma.
  • Tirupati Marketing is an established name in the world of packaging and storage solutions which primarily focuses on the fabrication and customization of HDPE Crates, PP boxes, and so on.
  • Tirupati Marketing operated as a certified Supreme Industries Pvt. Ltd. Supplier for 20 years until our MD, Mr. J.P. Verma, Undertook backward integration.
  • In 2018, the founding stone of the plant in which we stand today was laid, and Tirupati Technopacks Pvt. Ltd. came into existence.
  • In 2019, launched own brand, “TUFF” of crates & bins with a focus on Pan INDIA visibility


Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by upholding the highest levels of integrity, quality, and service across our diverse operations. We also prioritize Corporate Social Responsibility and strive to foster a culture focused on our mission, products, and customers.


  • To be a diversified company.
  • To be a pioneer in innovation.
  • To eliminate waste and stay entrepreneurial and focused as we grow.
  • To set inspirational standards for leadership and professionalism to get better results faster.
  • To be a readily adaptive organization always in line with the changes in the industrial landscape.
  • To contribute to holistic sustainable development.
  • To raise the bar on both product excellence and productivity.

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